Six Sentence Sunday #21

6 Sentence Sunday LogoG’day again! I hope you”re all enjoying your Sunday so far.

Once again I’m taking 6 from my NaNoWriMo novel from this year, The Rogue, wholly raw and unedited. I this “scene” (I use the term loosely for this draft!), Some local church goers have just heard rumours about the approaching rogue planet.

Father Dominic was very concerned upon hearing the rumours. One of his parishioners, David Smythe, although a firm believer, was interested in the more scientific aspects of the heavens, owned his own rather powerful telescope. It was probably the largest amateur telescope in the USA and it could see some of the faintest celestial objects visible from the ground. When he first heard about the Rogue he thought he should be able to see it with his telescope but was disappointed. He felt that if the Spitzer Infra-red space telescope could see it, his telescope should be able to see it too.
Unfortunately for Mr Smythe, he could not see the rumoured Rogue planet, but this did not deter him from spreading false information about it.

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