Six Sentence Sunday #20

6 Sentence Sunday LogoHello again,

Phew! NaNoWriMo is finally over and I can breathe again. And that also means I can concentrate on finding another 6 sentences for this Sunday. This time round I thought I may as well leave the NaNo document open and pull something out of that. Now, being NaNo and totally unedited (although I might edit a little just for this exercise). This is from a sci-fi story I came up with specifically for NaNo on the day before it started, tentatively titled, The Rogue. It’s about how the world reacts to a massive orphaned planet that plays Skittles with our solar system.

In this early scene the chief astronomer at the observatory is being briefed by one his subordinates.

Spitzer found an anomaly in Sagittarius. We need you to check it out.”

What sort of anomaly?”

A moving cold point, just on the threshold of detection. The system flagged it after about a week of watching and it’s only just moved enough in that time to trigger the motion sensor. It’s definitely real but we don’t know what it could be.”

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