Six Sentence Sunday #17

6 Sentence Sunday LogoHello again,

Thanks for reading last week and for the great feedback. This week we continue straight after last week’s 6 where Dominic watched his pregnant fiancée being thrown out of a plane. Last week’s BS warning still applies! Enjoy!

Dominic stood, open mouthed, listening to her screams fading away. This could not be real. Then with a sudden realisation that his unborn child and its mother’s life were in his hands he took two long steps for the door and dove out head first. Dominic could vaguely hear Maxwell’s fading voice calling out something about real extreme programming as he spotted Natalia below him, screaming like nothing he’d ever heard before.

Dominic, frozen with fear, clutched the notebook to his chest like a life buoy as he fell towards the earth. After a few seconds he came back to reality and realised he had to get closer to her and figure out how to program the computer to release both parachutes before they hit the ground.

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