Six Sentence Sunday #16

6 Sentence Sunday LogoHello again,

Thanks for reading last week and for the feedback. This week we follow on from last week’s opening paragraph of Extreme Programming. We jump forward a bit. Warning: this story has a James Bond style BS factor.

Dominic is surprised to find Natalia, his pregnant fiancée, already seated in the plane. He has just been told his task is to program his computer to remotely open Natalia’s USB parachute via the WiFi connection.

“Great!”, Mr. Maxwell smiled. He handed the other laptop to Dominic. “Oh, by the way, the WiFi only works up to a hundred metres so stay close.” He connected Natalia’s laptop to her USB parachute and gave the computer to her. He slid the door open, said, “Hold it tight, Sweetheart, time to go!” Then to Dominic’s horror, the two buffoons took her by the arms and threw her out of the plane!

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