Six Sentence Sunday #15

6 Sentence Sunday LogoHello again,

Thanks for reading last week and for the great feedback. This week I’ll take a break from Rani’s Right and offer something from my series of mind-game-based short stories. This six is from Extreme Programming. The title is named after a software development technique and the story popped into my head within seconds of first hearing the term many years ago. Here is the opening paragraph of Extreme Programming. Enjoy!

The suits led Dominic to an aircraft where a pilot was completing pre-flight checks. Dominic felt confident during the interview but the mysterious drive to what turned out to be this airfield caused him some unease. Why the two large men in black suits and sunglasses? It was standard practice for companies to put their candidates through tests to verify their skills and knowledge but what was this all about? Dominic needed to land this job. It was his last chance to convince his father-in-law-to-be that he was worthy of his daughter’s hand.

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