Six Sentence Sunday #14

6 Sentence Sunday LogoSalutations, Six Sentence Sunday Seekers!

Thanks for reading last week and for the feedback. This week I continue with another snippet from my unfinished novel, Rani’s Right. Today’s instalment follows after this one when Sandy realises there is absolutely no point in trying to sleep on the plane. Enjoy!

Rani was back within seconds of the seatbelt sign going out. Cam was about to put his headphones on but we quashed that idea. Two gasbagging women with an audience to entertain weren’t going to let this one go! Poor Cam. Rani and I were both desperate to fill each other in on the goss since 1995 but Cam immediately lost the plot. To hold his attention we had to take him right back to the end of year 10, Omeo Secondary College, 1994.

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