Six Sentence Sunday #13

6 Sentence Sunday LogoG’day, Six Sentence Sunday Seekers! (About time I put up the logo, hey? Edit: Fixed the link!)

Thanks for reading last week and for the feedback. This week I continue with another snippet from my unfinished novel, Rani’s Right. Today’s instalment follows after this one and this one when Sandy was unexpectedly reunited with her old friend on a plane at Singapore’s Changi Airport. Enjoy!

I was so looking forward to catching up properly with Rani, it was worse than seeing chocolate I can’t have. But I desperately wanted to get some sleep. It had been seven hours to Singapore and will be another seven or so to Dubai for the next change of crew. Telling Rani I’d rather sleep than talk about the old days was out of the question. It wasn’t true anyway, I would rather bask in the past with her. I can sleep another time.

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7 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #13

    1. Richard Leonard Post author

      Ha ha, Thanks Jess! Actually I was talking about the serial novel on a different blog which you might not be aware of but that’s cool! (link near top right 😉 )
      Gotta confess that “bask in the past” was a last minute edit I made before posting because I wrote that part a few years ago and when I pulled it out for 6SS I thought that line was a bit bland. I considered what she was actually doing and basking in the past was what popped up!

      1. jessmittens

        oh man, I suck! And I thought I was being so awesome haha. I realise this is a super late reply, but, I honestly thought I did reply. I now realise I constructed an answer in my head then never sat down to write it.
        Bask in the past, still good.
        I’ll click the link now. Near the top you say….

        1. Richard Leonard Post author

          Nah, you don’t. You are. And there’s no such thing as too late in the blogging world (I say that because one of my great skills is procrastination. I have a draft of something that was topical 15 years ago…)
          Near the top of the widget thingy bar on the right hand side but below the sunset… I think you’ve got it. 🙂


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