Six Sentence Sunday #12

G’day, Six Sentence Sunday Seekers!

Thanks for reading last week and for the feedback. This week I continue with a snippet from my unfinished novel, Rani’s Right. Today’s instalment follows after this one and is nothing exciting but something I whipped up this week, to be honest, to explain the different forms of her name used throughout the story. It might stay in there . Enjoy!

Rani called me by my full name, Alexandra. I think it was a dig at me because she knows I used to hate that name. When I was a baby still learning to talk, I couldn’t pronounce the first half of it. It always came out “aaak-sandra”. So my parents gave up and just called me Sandra. I usually introduce myself as Sandy, or sometimes Alex, depending on my motives.

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10 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #12

    1. Richard Leonard Post author

      I think I will, Maddie. Ages ago I condensed this 60K word thing down to a 3000 word short story in which she is Alex the whole way through, because the story became so different. Thanks for the comment! 🙂


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