Write a Story with Jennifer M Eaton – Part 14

Jennifer M Eaton has set a challenge. She wanted to write a story but didn’t – sort of. So she invited her blog readers to help her. She wrote the first couple of hundred words and handed the task to the next person who would do the same. This will continue weekly until the ever-growing list of interested writers is exhausted… No, that will never happen.

Anyway, this week it’s my turn. This has certainly proved a challenge. I signed up after only reading Part One so I was jumping in blind. I quickly discovered the story became one of fairies and magical stuff. Not what I usually write so it’s been very different.

Check out the story so far here. Now here’s my bit, Part Fourteen. Enjoy!

Part 14

Yoran fought the urge to crush the evil little monster hovering just beyond arm’s reach. He guessed Janosc spoke in a falsetto voice to put him off guard, which it certainly did. Staring fiercely at the disgusting wasp-like creature buzzing before him, he knew what was to eventuate and could see no way to avoid it.

“What do you want? Speak quickly, we have little time.”

“Isn’t it obvious?”, said Jonasc in his normal gruff voice. “You’ve seen this before, Yoran. You know it’s terminal. I can help heal your daughter… but only if you help protect my world.”


“Well… it involves taking her to through the Portal. However, I’m not sure if I’m prepared to do so. It’s a big risk for us.”

The color of Yoran’s face deepened as the veins in his neck swelled. How dare this vile bug hold his precious little Marci to ransom. Her life traded for the promise of allowing the beetle fairies and their world to thrive in his beloved county? For any other father the decision would be easy. But Yoran can never be seen to have made such a choice. Marci’s sacrifice would be expected of him.

On the other hand, this could be his lucky break. To finally discover the location of the portal would almost be the culmination of his life’s work, the final key to destroying the pollution that lives beneath and amongst Argot. There must be a way to convince this devious creature he will comply, yet still leave room to eliminate them all. He could figure out the details later.

* * *

Bethany decided it was time she showed some interest in her sister’s welfare and after hearing her mother leave to prepare tea she crept out of her room towards Marci’s, where she expected to hear silence. She slowed as she heard her father speaking with a stranger. The conversation was difficult to make out. His voice was tense, desperate. He seemed to be bargaining with someone. It was the horrid little fairy, she realised. Were they haggling over Marci’s life? Bethany gasped. The fairy would only agree if her father took The Oath. Fear clenched Bethany’s heart.

She was so engrossed with what she was witnessing, she failed to hear her mother approach with the tea.

“Oh, Bethany, there you are!”, she called. “Help me serve this tea, please.”

23 thoughts on “Write a Story with Jennifer M Eaton – Part 14

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    1. Richard Leonard Post author

      It is still going, I just neglected to update my list of chapters. In fact I just got another email to say my next turn is coming up. Right on Christmas – don’t you love that! I’ll have to keep an eye out for yours when it comes up. 🙂 Good Luck!

  2. Joe Owens

    Richard I am glad to find another guy within this community. I was beginning to feel a little like I had crashed a sorority party! You did a fine job and amped up the stakes. I am so excited to see how this plot line progresses. I will enter the fray soon and I hope you will check out my addition.

    1. Richard Leonard Post author

      Thanks, Joe! Yeah it’s a bit like that. It’s certainly been an interesting exercise, seeing how different people develop the plot in their own ways. There have been some doozies of plot turns! I think I’ve done Part 30 as well and will also have another coming soon, Part 47, I believe in June, sometime. I’ll definitely keep an eye out for yours
      Cheers! 🙂


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