Six Sentence Sunday #11

G’day, Six Sentence Sunday Seekers!

This week I continue with a snippet from my unfinished novel, Rani’s Right. Today’s instalment follows on soon after this one but is part of a flashback in which our narrator recalls the moments thinking of Rani while boarding a flight with her boyfriend in her old friend’s home city of Singapore. Enjoy!

Alexandra O’Toole, you gorgeous elusive creature. I didn’t see you in the departure lounge!”

I screamed with delight even before I saw her, as my thoughts of Rani morphed into reality. The crowd had thinned and there she was in the aisle, walking quickly and confidently toward us, shining black hair, and as beautiful as I remember her. I wasn’t at all surprised to see the elegant silver cross on the chain around her neck. “Rani, it’s so good to see you”, I said as we exchanged a long, tight embrace that no doubt widened Cam’s eyes, and a million questions for Rani came to my mind but I managed to restrain myself.

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8 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #11

      1. Silver James

        Richard, Foreshadowing is a very good thing. It adds a layer to the story and sets the reader up for what’s coming. It’s a way to keep them reading, guessing, and focused on the story. That said, it needs to be done with a light hand. Too much and they have the plot all figured out. Too little and they are taken totally by surprise and that can be bad. This is also a way to throw in “red herrings” to keep them from totally guessing the climax.

        1. Richard Leonard Post author

          Thanks, Silver. I think I was aware of the technique but not its name. Pretty sure I haven’t revealed too much plot here, though. 😉 However it is something I’ll have to watch. Red herrings, as in the Opus Dei bishop Aringarosa in Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. 😉


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