Six Sentence Sundae #6

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Thanks for all the great feedback last week. To keep up the suspense I thought I’d do something a little different this week. This is a completely standalone little story. It’s a bit contrived but hopefully you’ll like it.

I so want to be a famous author when I grow up, just like Jo Rowling who wrote those magical Harry Potter books, but Mummy said she would take me to my favourite burger restaurant for a burger and ice-cream as a reward if I went outside and did something “energetic” because she thinks I sit at my computer and write too much.

She said for dessert I could have one of those really big make-your-own sundaes, you know, where you can have all sorts of delicious flavours of toppings and colourful sprinkles like crushed nuts or Hundreds-And-Thousands, and they can even stick a little chocolate bar in the ice-cream! Oh, wow!

Tempting as that may be, the only kind of Sundae I wanted was one with six sentences. Ice-cream to bribe a little girl writer into some exercise? Mummy doesn’t understand on so many levels.

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2 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sundae #6

  1. Kate Warren

    This is adorable! Reminds me of my 12 year old. He wants to be a writer and is off to a good start–spent last year’s summer vacation on his first novel. I should try bribing him with ice cream some time…


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