Procrastination – 10 Ways Out

At work today, I hit a wall with something I was doing – not literally, I just got stuck on a problem – so I did what every good worker does: took a small dose of procrastination and started surfing the web. Just briefly, I promise!

I came across an article about procrastination and 10 ways to beat it. Okay, I procrastinated a little longer and read this.

This article is geared towards running or starting your own business but it can obviously apply across the board in any aspect of life. I was thinking of my writing as I read it. It’s a bit of a smack in the face when you can relate to nearly everything they mention.

  1. Recognise the fear for what it is. Yes. The fear of stuffing up. The fear of people taking things the wrong way or not liking your work, hate mail… The list goes on.
  2. Think about what could go right. Hmm. Perhaps I could do this more than I do. Keep it positive rather than negative.
  3. Keep yourself accountable. Yes, blog and tweet that I plan to have X finished by next Deeday even if no one actually cares whether or not you actually do.
  4. Be a victor, not a victim. Actually I’m not sure this is a problem for me. Good to keep it front and centre though.
  5. Just do it – or at least delegate. I can’t delegate the writing, that’s mine to do. When the time comes, perhaps palm off the marketing and promotion… if she’s interested, that is. 😉
  6. Recognise what’s important. Log out of Facebook etc. when trying to focus. It’s not even shiny but the blasted thing is still distracting.
  7. Get started. Well I’ve done that. I just stop and admire the view too much!
  8. Choose carefully. Have a sense of purpose, it says. It’s what I want to do, surely that’s enough.
  9. Break it down. Is that a rapper singing? No. If the task is too big break it in to smaller tasks.
  10. Reward yourself. I do! But I should wait until after I complete a defined goal. 😉

How easily do you succumb to the devil of procrastination? What do you do to prevent it?


4 thoughts on “Procrastination – 10 Ways Out

  1. Michelle Proulx

    If I could marry procrastination, I would have done so already. We’re basically soul mates. I try to stave it off by setting deadlines, but unless I’m getting paid to meet those deadlines, I seem to fall short. I just need to start remembering that there are ways to get paid other than in money.

    1. Richard Leonard Post author

      This is great. I must get this into my mindset. As I mentioned above in reply to Michelle, I find that if there are people expecting something from me, that can be a great motivator to get it out there. I guess that’s where #3 can be important. Keeping yourself accountable. Tell everyone your plans, then you have no excuse not to stick to them. Thanks for your comment. Can’t wait to do my bit for your story! 🙂


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