Book Review: Poetry of a Madman by Jason Alan

This review is for Jason Alan’s Poetry of a Madman, which was brought to my attention via this post on Jason’s blog. The book on Amazon can be found here and my review on Amazon, here. Who knows? Someone might find it helpful. 😉

Okay, on with the review.

Since 1993 Jason Alan has been writing poetry in notebooks and on bits of paper, keeping most, losing some, rewriting more. Poetry of a Madman Volume 1 is a collection of some of his poetry and contains a wide spectrum of emotions and styles. Strictly speaking it should be titled Poetry of a Madman and Friends as the book starts with a short collection of poems by contributing poets, some of them anonymous.
Which is fine. Some of those poems were written by people who may have felt very vulnerable at the time of writing and could have been reluctant to submit to the feeling of nakedness at the thought of bearing their souls to the public. Their feeling shows in their writing and they should be applauded.
Following the work of the guest poets are Jason’s poems. I should point out at this stage that I don’t often read poetry. In fact I very rarely read poetry, so I’m not sure that I’m qualified to write this review. However, I can so I will. I don’t understand everything he has written obviously because he’s lived a different life than I and many of his poems are very personal.
What I can tell is that Jason writes from the heart and soul, and with a sincerity I would struggle to match. Jason uses clever word associations to highlight meaning and direct focus to create some vivid images. There are also many images that I find vague and open to interpretation, as they should be. They are there for you to interpret and connect with in your own person way. He has the ability to place himself in the shoes of any person, animal or object and write from its point of view. This in itself is a great skill and is very enlightening.
There is darkness, there is brightness and there is happiness. So if you’re a fan of poetry this would be great in your collection. It was $0.99 when I bought it so for that price you can’t go wrong.


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