Six Sentence Sunday #3

G’day everyone! This is week three for me and gee that’s come along quickly.

This six again follows on immediately from last week’s six and starts to reveal a little more of our protagonist’s story…

I don’t know. I’ve tried talking to my video camera but it just stared at me. Didn’t offer sympathy. Didn’t give me any advice, didn’t convince me everything was going to be OK.

Then again neither did this diary when I started writing on the page of June 21. Maybe that’s why I grabbed a handful of pages, ripped them out and tossed them into the air like autumn leaves in a park, but with frustration instead of cheer.

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20 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday #3

  1. gzidar

    Nice imagery. Hopefully the pages were taken from the days prior to June 21 or there’ll be a problem when it comes time to fill those pages 🙂

    1. Richard Leonard Post author

      Yes. You’ll have to watch this space to find out why. Or maybe I’ll skip that bit in 6SS so you’ll have to buy the book! Sneak peek at next week: I reveal the narrator’s gender. 😉

  2. ManicScribbler

    An intriguing six. I can feel the narrator’s frustration at his plight. The labels say young adult, so this is especially realistic. I’m off to try to find the last six as I want to read a little bit more. *Sigh* – I try to control my greed, but…


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