Book Review – Shades of Gray by Andy Holloman

This is the first book review I’ve written since secondary school back in the 1980’s so please forgive me if I haven’t done it properly. Feedback is always welcome. This was posted on Amazon on 29 July.

The title gives nothing away about the story so the reader goes in with no preconceptions.

Shades of Gray is a gripping tale of an unlikely couple chasing a common goal.

John Manning runs a travel agency. Unbeknown to John until later, one of his clients, Wanda Johnson, is a drug mule who works for a callous dealer eager to protect his turf but cares little for his employees except when it suits him. The tragedy of 9/11 hits both of their businesses hard and a personal tragedy of John’s sees him teaming up with Wanda to delve into some very gray territory to help solve both their dilemmas. However not all goes to plan…

Despite needing some grammatical editing, the story’s original concept and characters, especially the children, I could feel, came together in a book that held my attention when it needed to. There was plenty of tension throughout to keep the reader intrigued.

On a philosophical level it raises questions about how far you would go into legally and morally questionable activity to help a loved one. How would you feel if it was all in vain?

On the whole Andy Holloman’s Shades of Gray, despite the lack of good editing, which is disappointing, will keep you turning pages. Oh, and the ending was unexpected. Grab a copy and check it out.


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