Six Sentence Sunday – #1

It’s not January. It’s not even June when this nightmare started. But it’s the first chance I’ve had to put all this down on paper. Or more to the point, get it out of my system. I don’t really care where it goes: diary, notebook, tape, video, Dictaphone, someone’s eardrum or the cool spring time breeze. I just don’t care.

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10 thoughts on “Six Sentence Sunday – #1

    1. Richard Leonard Post author

      Despite everyone else doing it, I may have taken the instructions too literally when it said “Please do not provide any extraneous information…”
      Okay, these 6 are the opening lines from my as yet untitled novel which I started 8 years ago and have obviously not finished. Young part-aboriginal girl reflects on her life after meeting a Muslim exchange student before tragedy tears them apart…

  1. Elin Gregory

    This looks fun. Well probably not fun for your protagonist but certainly fun for us. 🙂

    We almost all provide extraneous information, so i wouldn’t worry too much about that. Welcome to Six Sunday. You’ll have a blast.


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