The Time-bomb We Didn’t Know Was There

Imagine a loved one discovering they had been living with an unexploded time-bomb for God-knows how long. Possibly up to ten or twelve years. A time-bomb without the convenient digital readout telling you when it will blow.

For all you know it could have gone off five or ten years ago. How different would your life have been since? Or it could have blown yesterday or the minute they discovered it.

But it didn’t. It could still be ticking away with many years to go. You just don’t know.

Now imagine sitting around for hours while a team of experts work feverishly at de-fusing that bomb. You receive no feedback, nothing to indicate progress, not a word of success or failure.

Time dilation kicks in. It fools the mind. Everyone moves at their usual pace. Phones ring normally. People talk at their usual pitch. Everything is is happening at normal speed.

Except the clocks. The clocks have slowed to unrealistic levels. The estimated de-fuse completion time has passed, yet the clocks continue to slow. It’s as if the time bomb has bombed time.

Still no word. And the clocks continue at their detached and lethargic pace.

* * *

Mum and I wait anxiously for news as the clocks drone slowly on. Finally, two hours later than expected, we are told of the successful removal of  the ten centimetre (four inch) aortic aneurysm in Dad’s abdomen.

Now with time running at its normal speed again we can all get back to living the time-bomb we do actually know of. It too, has no digital readout so live it like it’ll blow tomorrow – Life.

What do you think?

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