Metablog – My Love and Fear of Writing

More than 6 months have gone by and I’ve only  published four posts. What a joke! In my about page I mentioned all my in-my-head writing will stop and more of my thoughts will be dumped here. Okay, call me a liar.

Truth is the spinning ball of rock never slows down (why am I not surprised?) and there are many other commitments that need tending. But that’s not the main reason.

I also have this apparently not uncommon fear of stuffing things up. I’ll stew on a piece of work for ages if I don’t have a deadline, revising, editing, changing words here, deleting sentences there or totally rearranging bits all over the place until I’m happy with it. Rarely happens that I’m completely happy with something and that’s why I have many many drafts sitting around on here and on my laptop, waiting for satisfaction that may ever arrive. Sometimes being a perfectionist is so frustrating.

When I look back over those four posts where I did have the courage to hit the Publish button, I realise the two whinges about the Myki ticket system in Melbourne are just that: Whinges. I think I hit Publish because they were topical at the time. (In fact they are still topical now.) Possibly still rushed out the door, though.

The Learning Solo article was a serious idea I still think deserves some consideration. I think the article about the Bottle of With Iron still warrants an answer from the Marketing industry and on lighter note, some humorous thoughts on where else this dubious disguise of additives can take us.

So where to for the future? I must overcome my fear of writing crap, or more to the point, publishing crap. We are all capable of writing crap, why hide the fact? A post I came across recently encouraged me to write something every day, even if it’s rubbish, so you have been warned. The rubbish will come, but I will try to categorise it as such.

Other than rubbish, I might write some reviews, next. I just bought a Kindle and I’m flying through some good yarns…

P.S. This post was written and revised in less than one hour. Not a bad start!


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