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Book Review: Blood in the Paint by Jordanna East

Lyla Kyle is an artist. Her favourite subjects are married men who cheat on their wives. She paints them. She paints and sculpts many things but she is particularly fond of and protective of her works featuring those philandering men. She paints them using shades of red mixed with their blood. Blood she drew from their dying bodies.

Jillian Atford is a psychologist with a past she’d rather put behind her, to say the least. Soon realising one of her clients is connected to her regrettable past, she finds herself spiralling uncontrollably toward a major crisis.

Officer Jason Brighthouse, a Philadelphia patrol cop, wants to prove he has his late father’s detective intuition and while checking out a reported dead body in a car park, feels something very inconsistent with an accidental death and decides he must test the strength of his inherited skills.

Jordanna East allows the reader deep into the minds of each of these characters, to understand the psychology behind their motivations, allowing an empathy to develop for each of them. It was difficult to pick a side, leaving me to root for all three, despite their indiscretions.

This novel is riddled with scenes that left me thinking “How on earth will he/she get out this situation?” East does a superb job in creating realism in a world where many OMG moments occur, leaving the reader wondering what could possibly come next. And what does come next is exciting, believable and edge-of-your-seat thrills.

Finishing up with some scenes of heart wrenching sadness, triumph and satisfaction and a neat twist leaving many question marks, Blood In The Paint presents a compelling invitation to read its sequel, Blood In The Paper. 5 Stars.

Changes to Story Time URL

Richard Leonard:

To prevent breaking links in posts on my blog, I have just updated all my links to point to the new URL. If you happend to come across any I’ve missed, please let me know.

Originally posted on Story Time:

Hello everyone.

Just to let you know, the address will soon be no more. The site will remain online but at the far less exciting address of


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If My Dog Barked Too Much…

Hypothetically speaking, if someone complained that your dog barked too much, by dropping an anonymous, standard letter you can download off a website, in your mailbox, how would you handle that? The letter might have some obvious and lazily thought-up tips on how to reduce the allegedly annoying noise. It’s somewhat condescending (I imagine), because you have a dog and they probably don’t, so you most likely know some tricks they aren’t aware of. Whether they work is another story. Hypothetically speaking, of course. You don’t really want to door-knock the neighbourhood for fear of stirring up a hornets nest. Imagine: “I wouldn’t normally complain about a barking dog but now that you mention it…” No. Continue reading

“You Can Call Me King Bee…”

Imagine you’re a 16 year old school girl living an ordinary life.

You write songs. You pour your heart in. Because you love it.

You can sing, too. So you sing your songs. You love it because they’re your songs. You wrote them. You’re singing them.

You get the songs recorded. One or two of them rocket up the charts world-wide.

You win a Grammy.

You feel pretty damn good.

Then someone like BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN covers your #1 song at his concert.


Advance Australia Fair, by Adam Hills… or Jimmy Barnes, or…

Happy Australia Day, everyone!

Gotta love this. It’s an oldie but a goodie (you can tell because Adam looks about half his current age in this vid!). Much loved Aussie comedian Adam Hills mashes our rather solemn national anthem with a well known Aussie rock song, Jimmy Barnes’s Working Class Man, complete with Barnesy mannerisms. Classic.

For the record here’s a brilliant version of Advance Australia Fair sung by Human Nature and Julie Anthony with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra at the Sydney 2000 Olympic Games Opening Ceremony.

And here is the original video for Barnesy’s Working Class Man.

Enjoy, and have a great Australia Day!

Book Review: Djinn by Laura Catherine

It’s the Australia Day Weekend! Happy Australia Day for Jan 26! To mark the occasion I will review the debut novel of an Australian author, fellow Melbournian, Laura Catherine. The following is the review I posted on Amazon. I was really pleasantly surprised by the quality of this book. Looking forward to more works from her. Continue reading

Review: Blood in the Past by Jordanna East

The following is the review I wrote for the book Blood in the Past by Jordanna East (Amazon link).

BloodInThePast-cover“Blood in the Past by Jordanna East is the prelude to a psychological thriller series, centred around three serial killers. This book introduces the three killers and touches on what makes them tick.

Jillian is a university student with a psychology major and falls for a cop who investigates the mugging of she and her flatmate. They embark on a steamy affair until…

Lyla finds her mother dead and believes she killed herself. She blames her father…

Jason’s father died trying to rescue a colleague trapped in a house fire…

Certainly well written and edited, this book draws the reader in with its dark themes and internal conflict gnawing at each of the killers’ minds as they battle their own reasons and desires for settling scores and satisfying perceived needs.

I felt the situations the three people find themselves in, and the conclusions they arrive at a little convenient. Two people might have been believable but three serial killers born of the events presented, probably approached, if not exceeded the bounds of credibility.  But that’s what you’d expect in the genre so I’m being picky. Nevertheless, and despite the book not quite giving equal exposure to all three killers, each did have their own reasons for beginning a killing spree. Lyla was arguably the most developed character and the one I found myself the most interested in. The story does make the reader wonder how they each continue on that path. I am interested to know what drives them to continue rather than stop at the first. A gripping prequel to the greater series.”

Happy Northern Winter Solstice!

And Merry Christmas and all that, too. Excuse my lateness in this festive greeting. Forgot to schedule a post and had the family over doing all the family stuff. It’s been great but getting to the computer without seeming rude was a little tricky. They’re out there watching some presents on the telly as I type. Series one of Mrs. Browne’s Boys. Feckin’ hilarious! Continue reading

Laura Catherine’s New Release Novel: Djinn

DJinn Release Day Event Banner

release day event

Today is the Release Day Event for Laura Catherine’s debut paranormal romance novel, Djinn. I was supposed to post a review of the book today but unfortunately never received an advanced copy to review. However, I plan to purchase a copy and post a review early in the new year. Continue reading